About Us

We are a family run business is the heart of the Somerset Levels.

The house and buildings used to be a dairy farm.  However the original farm house was burned to the ground in the 19th century the farmer built this house in the Victorian Gothic Revival style around 1850.  We are led to believe that the cottages were the dairy and the milking sheds.  There is much fascinating history here and all around the village.

Eco friendly and sustainable
We are trying to be self sufficient and as green as possible. In 2012 we had Solar panels installed to power the cottages.  Located in the field the panels supply electricity to the cottages. 

We recycle as much waste as possible, all of the food waste we ask to be put on our compost so that we can use it around the garden.

We have installed a Biomass system to run the heating which uses wood rather than fossil fuels.  As this is a renewable fuel it counters the impact of climate change. We also source the wood chip locally. 

This all makes a stay at Thorney Farm Cottages as carbon neutral and sustainable as we can currently make it.

Our Animals
To help with our self sufficiency aims we keep a number of animals here. We try to keep traditional British breeds such as:
Wiltshire Horn Sheep
Dexter Cattle
British Alpine Goats
Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs (summer only)
Chickens which were rescued from an egg farm

We also keep other animals from time to time throughout the year.

We also grow a large amount of fruit and vegetables.

There is an amazing amount of wildlife locally and the area is fantastic for bird watching, from the Crane project to the yearly Starling displays. Also often seen are slow worms, hedgehogs, rabbits, greater spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, grass snakes, field mice, badgers, foxes, deer, swallows, heron, buzzards, kites, owls and bats to name a few.

The area is flat and lovely for walking and taking in the beautiful scenery. 

Thorney Farm Holiday Cottages
Gothic House
Langport, Somerset
TA10 0DW

Tel: 01458 253886
Email: info@thorneyfarmcottages.co.uk